Bringers of Destruction
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Shout, Shout Let It All Out


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Its certainly been along time. First of all lets get things straight. This is not an official clan, me and phantom dont have enough time to participate in clan matches but, if somewhere along the line we end up becoming a clan, neither I nor Phantom will take on leadership roles, only webmaster and owner. There far too much involved with being a leader, all i wanna do is play cs and have an affiliation. In fact thats what Bd | is, were and affiliation, and to the Top-Gun fans, were wing men. This site will have the pleanty of past history, from the unending saga that is The Bringers of Destruction. Enjoy your stay.


For the last 3 years Soul and i have been involved in a few clans, but none of them were as intense or as exciting as Bd |. Its been quite an adventure with lots of friends along the way, some of which id love to get together with, or talk to, seeing as how its been almost 2 years since we last got together. Anyways, after soem talking, Soul and i decided it was time to return, only this time, not as a clan, but as an affiliation as he stated above. Its just that serious clans require a huge amount of time, and unless you have absolutly no life, you cannot manage a clan. Enough rambling, were back and not going anywhere.