Bringers of Destruction
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Shout, Shout Let It All Out


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About Us

Bringers of Destruction was founded by SoulReaver, Bahamut, Light, and PhantomZer0, in a server called Billo. We all played on a server called Loft ninjas and for a long time were part of a clan called AOD. The clan broke up and most of the original talent moved to Bd | . During the days of AOD, some of the members made a spinoff clan called SFWF, which was led by a guy named Gear. Basically they were our rival. We had a relativly bumpy ride, with lots of breaking up and getting back together, mostly due to school and work schedules. The last time we broke up was right before summer of 2002. We had a ton of awesome players, if we could have been more serious we could have gone far, but people have lives and thats what happens. And thats where the stoy ends. But hopefully Phantom and Soul can do some stuff and get the ball rollin again.