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The Band

::Tony McCune::
+Age: 23
+Location: Joliet, Illinois
The phenom behind the keyboards, T-Mac has been rockin the keys since the tender age of 2. Taking up lessons in the classical field tony played for a number of years, until he placed the keys on a short hiatus, in order to fine tun ehis other musical skills. He made his triumphant return to the keys in 2003, while doing a gig with another local band, Abolisher.

::Russell Brewer::
+Location:Lockport, Illinois
- One half of the guitars, Russ is the younger portion of the Brew Crew. Russ started playing guitar at or around the age of 16. Flash forward to 2004, Russ is 19 and is a pretty well accomplished guitarist. Russ is in charge of solos and and most lead.

::Randall Brewer::
+Location:Lockport, Illinois
- The other half of the guitars, Randall is the barely older half of the Brew Crew. He started playing guitar a few months after Russ, though his primary motives werent the same as Russ'. Randalls main drive for playing, originally, was to not be anything less than Russ. This retarded obligation, eventually led him to become a very strong and solid rythem guitarist, which is his position in the band.

::Paul Keto::
+Location:Shorewood, Illinois
- Paul is the voice of the band. His voice bellows like a thunderous clap of lightning in yoru face. With years of singing experience, this is Pauls first shot at a band. His mythically enchanting hair will ensnare you in luminous visages of the grand design. Paul has the perfect voice, with each song getting better and better. Paul is THE VOICE.

::Kelso King::
+Location:Joliet, Illinois
- Kelso is still in his bass playing infancy. But dont let that fol you, the young prodigy is quick to learn, and brings something new to the table every week, with his skill simproving ten fold each day. He has the sound of a veteran, and the fingerwork of the lady at court who types really fast. Kelso also provides back up growls, his voice is like a wooly mamoth, it explodes with violence and tranquility at the same moment.

+Location:Joliet, Illinois
- The final piece to the puzzle. Roland offers assistance in the drumming department. We currently do not have a drummer. Roland is loaded with the most up to date versions of particular Guitar Pro files, to give us THE EXACT BEAT OF THE SONG. Roland is the best, and could not be easily replaced.


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